FB Influence Review: Andrea Wahl’s Facebook Marketing Strategy


FB Influence 2.0 (simply referred to as FB Influence) is a social marketing strategy created by Andrea Wahl. It is designed to grant you access to the billions of active Facebook users. In fact, Facebook has more than 1,350,000,000 active users!

With this HUGE number of users it is a no-brainer that you must learn how to access this valuable market. However, it isn’t as easy as creating a simple Facebook fan page. There are many layers and idiosyncrasies involved with Facebook marketing.

As a result, if you or your business wants to use Facebook effectively you will either need to do a lot of self-learning or hire a firm to manage your Facebook presence for you. FB Influence is a resource that claims to do the former.

FbInfluenceReview-1-AndreaFor those of you don’t know Andrea Wahl, here is some background information on her.

  • She is co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies
  • She is Social Media Strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • She has spoken at numerous marketing conferences
  • She creates tons of content – blogs, webinars, podcasts and videos

One of the ways that Andrea (and many online marketers) makes money is to create electronic products or courses and sell them online. One of Andrea’s products is called FB Influence. The program was created as a course to train people, entrepreneurs and business owners on how to use Facebook as part of the marketing, customer interaction and profit strategy for their business.

What is FB Influence?

FB (Facebook) influence is a video series created by Andrea. It is broken up into 4 modules, each with 5 videos. These videos range in length from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.


Module 1 – The Foundation for Facebook Success

Modules Included:

  • Module 1.1 – The 7 Core Rules of Facebook Marketing
  • Module 1.2 – How To Strategically Brand Your Facebook Page
  • Module 1.3 – Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Your Facebook Page
  • Module 1.4 – An Insider’s View of Your Facebook Page Dashboard
  • Module 1.5 – Facebook Insights – Monitoring and Measuring For Facebook Success

My Thoughts:

To be honest, I was a little disappointed at first. With that said, section 1.5 did show me several things that I did not realize about Facebook insights, which is a set of very powerful analysts that is the core of Facebook as a marketing platform.

Module 2 – Growing a Lucrative Fan Base

Modules Included:

  • Module 2.1 – How To Use Graph Search To Find Your Ideal Audience Inside Facebook
  • Module 2.2 – 5 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Fan Base
  • Module 2.3 – How to Create Facebook Custom Apps To Enhance Fan Experience
  • Module 2.4 – How to Create An Inexpensive Ad Campaign To Grow Your Fan Base
  • Module 2.5 – Quick Tips To Make Your Facebook Marketing Campaign Mobile Ready

My Thoughts:

This section was the start of what I was looking to get out of this program. I’ve started multiple businesses and have Facebook pages for each of them. For the most part, I am not utilizing them to their full potential. I had seen graph search before, but never fully understood the potential of it in terms of understanding our fans and their interests. There are so many gold nuggets in this section in building your page fans, which is fundamental to your success on Facebook, and ultimately in your business.

Module 3 – Building Your Authority and Becoming the Go-To Source

Modules Included:

  • Module 3.1 – Facebook Content What To Post And When To Post
  • Module 3.2 – 7 Sure-fire Strategies To Create Engagement
  • Module 3.3 – Tips To Build Your Authority On Facebook
  • Module 3.4 – Tips & Strategies For Facebook Contests & Giveaways
  • Module 3.5 – How To Leverage The Management Of Your Facebook Page

My Thoughts:

As your strategies from module 2 begin to pay off with more fans, it then becomes ever more important to run your Facebook page correctly. This module contains a ton of actionable tips for topics such as when/how to post and how to get people to see you as the expert. I particularly like the last module as managing social media can be a big burden for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Module 4 – Turning Fans Into Loyal Customers

Modules Included:

  • Module 4.1 – Three Steps To Turn Your Page Into A Lead Generating Machine (Part 1)
  • Module 4.2 – Three Steps To Turn Your Page Into A Lead Generating Machine (Part 2)
  • Module 4.3 – How To Sell On Facebook
  • Module 4.4 – How To Create & Promote An Event On Facebook
  • Module 4.5 – How To Get Quick Results With FB Influence – Tips For Taking Action & Getting Momentum

My Thoughts:

I really likes Andrea’s approach towards Facebook and selling as it aligns very close to my beliefs before learning about her. She believes that Facebook (along with e-mail list building) are great ways to create fans, but most of your selling is not done directly on these mediums. Instead, these mediums allows you to build a fan base and provide content/engage with then, so that every so often you can sprinkle in some promotions and actually direct people outside of Facebook. This direction can be to your website, webinar or sales page. Again, my favourite module is the last one, which is how to get results with FB Influence. I feel like this should have been the first and last video, as just watching the video is not the way to use this product. It is so very important to actually implement what she is describing.

Free Bonuses

Bonus Included:

  • Bonus #1 – Content Marketing Power Plays: 50 Strategic Facebook Posts You Can Model to Boost Your Overall Engagement
  • Bonus #2 – 3 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Attract and Keep Customers
  • Bonus #3 – 50 Stunning, Ready-Made Image Quotes To Increase Your Engagement
  • Bonus #4 – The 3-Step Lead Generating Facebook Blueprint
    Bonus #5 – New “Members-Only” Training Workshops Each Time Facebook Makes a Major Change or Update
  • Bonus #6 – Full Access Member Support with our Private FBinfluence Facebook Group


I believe that this program delivers a TON of value for price. Some people may look at $97 as expensive, but I look at it as cheap for what this program can do for you and your business. Here is why:

  • Marketing is one of the fundamental elements of business, because if people don’t know about you or your product, then you or your product does not exist to them. Marketing has shifted from 10 years ago. Never before has there been a platform where users off up so much information about themselves, nor a platform that aggregates that data for targeting.
  • Facebook has differences between profiles (personal) and pages (business). There are many differences between these pages, but one of the big ones is that most of your posts from your business page will never been seen by your audience. This is because Facebook uses Edge Rank to determine which posts should be shown to people who like your page, and Edge Rank is based on things such as number of likes, number of clicks and number of comments. If you are not aware of Edge Rank or not focused on creating engaging posts, then much of your Facebook marketing efforts will be a waste.
  • A lot of the information that Amy provides is available from other sources (including her own podcast), but there is also a lot that is not available anywhere else. Mush of what Andrea shares comes directly from her experience of working with Facebook for years, not just for her own business, but also for many major clients. I’m a big believer in spending your time wisely, and $97 is a small price to pay to have all of the information collected and shared in such an organized an actionable format.
  • FB Influence is available in every format that you need (video, audio, powerpoint, transcript), so you can consume it in whatever format works for you.
  • The free bonuses are great. Not only will some of them help you get started right away, but access to the private Facebook group is huge. You can learn from others questions, as well as ask questions of your own.
  • They offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee for the FB Influence. That is pretty solid. I rarely see 60 day return policies, and it just shows that Andrea stands behind her product.

To summarize, I believe this is a great investment for anyone that wants to really take advantage of Facebook for marketing, whether you are a single blogger, entrepreneur, small business or even a large company. These strategies work across the board and will be one of the best $97 that you spend on your business this year. We only recommend products that we use and love, and this one fits both categories.
If you are interested in learning more about FB Influence or would like to purchase the program, you can do so by clicking below image: