Supplementary Notes: Choosing Your Niche


Choosing Your Niche

  • Look at your own interests or career
  • Magazines
  • Products
  • Flippa Marketplace
  • Common Ailments

Niche Selection: Look At Yourself

What things are you interested in?

  • Hobbies (Scrapbooking, Golf, Boating, Cooking)
  • Family member hobbies
  • Natural cures to certain ailments
  • Homeschooling
  • Politics
  • Certain types of diets.

Look at your career

  • Golf Pro
  • Tennis Instructor
  • Music Teacher
  • Accountant
  • Career counselor
  • Marriage counselor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Lawyer
  • Medical Professional (Doctor or Nurse)

Niche Selection:

  • Browse through all of the book categories on
  • You can also look for popular physical products
  • Leverage Amazon’s Recommendations For Each Niche Category
  • Best Sellers, Hot Trends, Top Rated, & Most Wished For Items
  • Look on search engine like Google for “Amazon best sellers”
  • Quickly uncover potential niche markets that you can pursue






Niche Selection: Magazines

  • Magazines are the perfect test for a profitable niche
  • It cost way too much money to print, ship, and keep magazines going to not be profitable
  • If a publisher is willing to go through the hassle there is a demand
  • Look at magazines at your local grocery store
  • Look at
  • Look at Magazines Page
  • Go to and search for magazines
  • Search on Google for Magazines



Niche Selection: Clickbank Products

  • is the web’s leading marketplace for information products
  • Information products like ebooks or video courses sell well here
  • Their marketplace contains a lot of valuable niche research
  • You can even view products by how they are selling on Clickbank
  • Look at gravity score and popularity
  • Clickbank is how you can make money in niche marketing as an affiliate or as a vendor
  • They offer products with commissions of 50% to 75% or higher!




Niche Selection: Flippa Marketplace

  • is a leading website for sale marketplace
  • You can find websites for sale on this marketplace and receive valuable niche insights
  • You can find traffic data, income data, or email list size
  • Gain ideas into how they built their business and pick up ideas for your niche websites







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Niche Selection: Common Ailments

  • People suffering from common ailments are open to natural solutions to their problems
  • There are natural cures or ways to cure certain ailments without the need for expensive medical procedures or prescriptions
  • This is a niche where you want to have a good disclaimer in place
  • Anytime you can help someone be more comfortable you are in a market that can be very profitable
  • Use a popular health site like to find common ailments people suffer from
  • Use your research in conjunction with Clickbank or book research to backup your findings


Niche Selection: